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Call for Competitions

The IROS 2018 Organizing Committee invites proposals for competitions to be held during IROS in Madrid, Spain, in October 2018. The competitions provide a unique venue for state-of-the-art technical demonstrations from research labs from academia and industry. Conference attendees and media representatives will have the opportunity to experience live demonstrations of robotic technology via these competitions.


All deadlines are 23:59 PST

Jan 21, 2018

Competition Proposals submission deadline

Feb 09, 2018

Notification of acceptance

Oct 2-4, 2018

Competitions and awards

Proposals must include the following information:

  1. Title of the competition.

  2. A brief description of the competition, including what particular task(s) are under evaluation and why the competition is of interest to the IROS community.

  3. A draft of the rules and scoring system.

  4. Title and type of prices or grants.

  5. Time schedule for competition day(s).

  6. A list of possible/potential participants.

  7. Awards planning, including any financial plans.

  8. Request for the Organizing Committee for facilities including a) required space (area in square meters and minimum height), b) energy, telecommunications network, c) human resources needed, and d) any specific infrastructure you may need to do the competition.

  9. Competition organizers’ names, contact information, and brief CVs of the competition organizers, describing previous experience in organizing competitions, workshops, etc.

All submissions will undergo a standard review process within the Competition Committee. Acceptance decisions will be based upon the potential significance, sustainability in IROS, and logistical requirements.

A Microsoft Word Template is available to help you structure the proposal.  Accepted proposals will be asked to provide a dedicated website for their event.

All the submissions should be made via email to with the subject: “Competition Proposal from (your name and surname)”


For any questions regarding the IROS 2018 competitions, please contact the competition co-chairs under




Jorge Dias - Khalifa U Abu Dhabi & U. Coimbra,

Pedro U. Lima - IST, U. Lisbon

Hyungpil Moon – Sungkyunkwan U.

Antonio Morales - UJI, Castellón

Katsu Yamane - Disney Research

Natsuki Yamanobe - AIST, Tsukuba

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