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IROS 2018 Industry Forum

Organizers: Mohamed Abderrahim (UC3M, IROS 2018 LOC), Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics)


The forum is projected to be a place to share where ideas and perspectives for the future development of Intelligent Robotic Technologies are shared / discussed. It is also aimed to provide different points of view to interested audience about robotics R&D in Industry and showcase successful incubation ecosystems for the development of entrepreneurial robotics projects. In addition to demonstrating that intelligent Industrial Robots are becoming real products for major robotic manufacturers, the forum’s speakers will present cases of how small robotic startups and young entrepreneurs can benefit from high-tech ecosystems in Europe. This will assist them to transform their ideas into products and search for finance opportunities to create and help new ventures.

The forum intends to discuss the relationship between education, R&D and Industry showing points of view from big companies and small start-ups.  The forum is expected to attract audience from academia, industries, researchers and students, and it is open to all conference attendees.



“Welcome and Opening”

(Mohamed Abderrahim, UC3M, Spain)

(Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics, Spain)


“Towards Intelligent Industrial Robots”

(Rainer Bischoff, KUKA, Germany)


“How can Service Robots improve your daily life?”

(Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics, Spain)


“How do you create one of Europe’s best robotic incubators?”

(Mikkel Christoffersen, Odense Robotics Startup Hub, Denmark)


“Supporting the exploitation of research results within the MERLIN Project”

(Diego Alonso, Technical University of Cartagena, Spain)


“The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Ecosystem in Finland - Education, Industry and Healthcare”

(Cristina Andersson, Develor Oy, Finland)


“Model-based design for industrial robotics applications”

(Pulkit Kapur, Mathworks, USA)


Lunch Break


“Towards energy efficient high performance 4D multimodal representation  for autonomous systems”

(David I. Gonzalez Aguirre, Intel Labs, USA)


“From 600 gr to 60 t: Robotics Research at Bosch”

(Kai Oliver Arras, Bosch, Germany)


“Squirrel AI, the machine that regularly outperforms human teachers and redefines education”

(Wei Cui, Yixue Inc., China)


“Robotics: The Future of Shopping”

(Hui Cheng,, China)


“Closing and Remarks”

(Mohamed Abderrahim, UC3M, Spain)

(Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics, Spain)

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