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IROS 2018 Government Forum

Organizers:  Paolo Dario (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies), Diego Torriccelli (CSIC)


The objective of the Government Forum is to distribute information about national/regional policies and roadmaps, as well as to discuss about the trends and political opportunities and threats in order to learn from each other, be informed, and better serve the international robotics and automation community. This will be done by having a number of presentations from different countries and regions. At the end, a panel will take place in which the presented issues will be discussed.


17:00-17:10 Opening remarks: Paolo Dario (SSSA, Pisa), Diego Torricelli (CSIC, Madrid)

17:10-17:25 European Commission Robotics Program: Cecile Huet (EC, DGCONNECT)

17:25-17:40 USA Robotics Program: David Miller (NSF, USA)

17:40-17:55 Japanese Robotics Program: Tomomasa Sato (NEDO, Robot and AI Department, Japan)

17:55-18:05 Korean Robotics Program: Kyung-Hoon Kim (Republic of Korea)

18:05-18:15 Finnish Robotics Program: Cristina Andersson (Develor, Finland)

18:15-18:25 German Robotics Program: Tamim Asfour (DGR, German Robotics Society)

18:25-18:35 Spanish Robotics Program: Head of the Department of Energy, Transport, Manufacturing and Digital Society (CDTI, Spain)

18:35-19:00 Round table: Moderated by Paolo Dario

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